About Fran Driscoll (Roberts)

I love summer about as much as any teacher can. There’s something about having the time to get myself together, to learn new things, to enjoy the heat (with a refreshing dip in the river or Gulf) and to spend time with my family that takes years of stress lines from my face. It makes me stop and count my blessings. It gives me time to volunteer for things that are important, like Vacation Bible School. Plus, I’m finished with college for at least a year. Maybe forever. So I have no excuse not to finish writing my books. I have a great family that I dearly love. My son is getting married June 22, so I’m about to add a sweet daughter-in-law to the mix. I also have two daughters–one in junior college and one working on her GED. My husband is the sweetest man in the world. Yes, I’m a newlywed. I love Ireland, and this will be my third year at the DRISCOLL reunion in Baltimore. If you want to see a gorgeous place, go to County Cork, Ireland. My life never goes as planned. If there’s a way for something crazy to happen, it will. So I will never run out of ideas for stories. There are too many people and places in this world that need to be known.

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