What Is a Great Husband Worth?

For the past few decades, we’ve seen the trashing of the American male. The dad is always slow, an$ the children need to help him find his way.

I was brainstorming with a friend of mine about a short story I’m writing. The main character gets a phone call from her insurance company reminding her that in ten days her husband will be 65, and he’ll lose his $500,000 in coverage. Then comes the sales pitch unless she rolls the policy over into another one, but what the insurance company doesn’t know is Jen Paraskevi has a bit of a gambling problem and could really use a half million dollars. This is how the story “Ten Days to 65” was born.

For the next ten days, this woman tries to get rid of her husband. Some of the consequences are hilarious, and some are dangerous (she manages to hospitalize herself). By the end of the story she realizes that her husband is worth his weight in gold, and she’s been foolish to try and get rid of him.

A good husband and father can make the difference in so many lives. We are seeing that the government cannot take the place of a father, and that women can work a whole lot better with back-up than without. I’ll never say that a man is the magic bullet to solve all of society’s ills because not all men are good or helpful. But I think our society as a whole needs to rethink its ideas on the value of a man. We have devalued too much, and we are paying the price.

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