So What Happens After the Gator Breaks In?

There’s a lady in Florida who had a huge alligator break into her house during the night. She went and played games on her computer while she waited for first responders to come get him out.

The news article noted that mating season is a bad time to be around bull ‘gators. Uh, the gator broke into her house. She wasn’t “around” it. As much I as I like to look on the bright side of things, I wonder what I would do after the gator tore into my kitchen. The animal’s tail dented her appliances and put holes in her walls.

A visit from a gator is not impossible, since I live on the Gulf Coast and my doggie door has been defeated by my dogs (sometimes one or another mistakenly gets locked outside for the night). I believe that if I had such a visit, I would have about a two inch thick steel barrier installed within days, if not hours. I love nature, but some things  are best experienced at a distance, don’t you think?

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