Blame it on the Cat

It has been well recorded that pets are an asset to our lives. Often those studied are the elderly or infirm, but I would submit to you that cats (not to take anything away from other fur babies) are an asset to people of all ages.

Do they have a dark side? Yes, it’s been documented that a deceased body will often be chewed on by cats, and police often find the cadavers with missing fingers. Cats seem to enjoy torturing prey to the point of exhaustion before they begin to consume it. One of my dogs learned how to escape the fenced in yard by watching the cat jump over a railing. But other than those things, cats have been a tremendous asset.

It’s not always as dramatic as the story of the baby who was saved by the family cat when a large rat jumped into his crib at night. Think of all the times your toddler used the fur of kitty to wipe his or her sticky fingers. The cat simply licked its fur and the baby clean. No animosity there. Sometimes the cat will give the baby’s face a bath free of charge. And if the baby is too fussy to sleep, the purring of a cat will often soothe the savage beast.

Older children never break things. The cat happily takes the blame. Some cats will even eat those pesky vegetables a child “accidentally” drops under the table at dinner. They can provide hours of entertainment at no charge. Have a piece of yarn? Any toy with wheels? Just give your child a flashlight and turn out the lights on a stormy night. Fear gone. Surly teens can hardly resist the caress of a cat against their ankles. And the cat won’t give up until they get a rub or a scratch. How many parents can say that?

Cats help adults, too.  Any stray bug, even those ugly palmetto bugs, won’t last long with kitty on the job. How hard is it to get egg off the floor after dropping one? Not hard at all. Eggs are a breeze for kitty to clean up. And those dust bunnies under the couch or bed? Again, cat fur is better than Swiffer. Just roll a toy under there and watch kitty go. He’ll even clean himself afterward. Cats will scratch open the cat food bag, saving you the trouble of getting a scissors. And that pet rat you hate? It’s just a matter of time.

I’ve never worried about snakes in my yard. Kitty wears them like a fu manchu after she’s done playing with them. Cats don’t even need a litter box if you have a door for them to go in and out of. Nature is their preferred toilet. If people only realized what an asset cats are, shelters wouldn’t have such a time adopting them out. They don’t eat much and are wonderful protectors/cleaners.

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