The Day After Christmas

Can I still say, “Merry Christmas!” to you?

Can I still listen to my favorite music and look for somebody who needs a helping hand? Can I give more, smile more, spread more joy, and actually write snail mail letters to those I love?

Can I go to my friends’ houses and bring food full of sugar and carbs and eat until I almost bust? Can I still have time off of work to catch up on the dozens of things I’ve been putting off “until next week?” Can I ignore all those political postings for just a few more days?Can I actually make decorating a priority?

Can I look for the wonder in a child’s eyes? Can I be more forgiving, more patient, more intentionally kind to people just because it’s this time of year?Can I watch movies that bring tears of joy to my eyes?

And why does this explosion of love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness and self-control come only once a year for a few weeks? What’s wrong with the rest of the year?

I sincerely hope that 2018 is better for everyone than 2017 was. I will try to do my part to make it better. God bless us, every one.elf

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