When Boredom is a Wonderful Thing

As a young girl, I was often bored. A car would turn around in our driveway, and I’d be disappointed because I wanted us to have company. Mom always made a big deal when there was company. It was the only time we were allowed to drink soda, and it was usually the only time we cooked out. We had a neighborhood full of boys to play with, but it wasn’t enough for me. So I prayed a Chinese curse on myself—that I would never be bored. And God answered my prayer.


Sunday afternoon, I went to the fairgrounds to pick up our items from our school’s booth in the exhibition hall. There was a terrible storm, flooding was predicted, and I didn’t want to get stuck. So I asked my teenage daughter to bring her car so we could get it all in one trip. We loaded the cars uneventfully, and I drove over to another building to get our award for the blue ribbon we had won. I thought my daughter was safely on her way home.

Imagine my surprise when I noticed a car half-submerged in a ditch. Of course it was my daughter’s car. A boring Sunday with one little storm and one tornado warning just wouldn’t do. I got into the car and tried to back it out of the ditch. Mind you, I was sitting in three feet of dirty water as I drove. When I tried to rock it to get it free the car rolled forward, even further in the water-filled ditch. I didn’t know if I would be able to get a tow truck, but my first job was to get the girls home. Thankfully, my trusty Toyota made it easily through the flooded streets, but now I had a choice to make. If I left the car there until the storm passed, would it even be salvageable? If I ruined my car, then what would we do?

I decided that if I got in touch with the tow company, I’d go for it. So, fifteen minutes and two detours later, I was wading through the flood to get to my daughter’s car. (My car had to be parked a half block away on higher ground.) I just kept thinking, “Why does this crazy stuff always happen to me?” But then I remembered my prayer. And the adventure wasn’t over. The tow truck operator locked the car with the key in it. For once my string of misfortunes actually worked in my favor. The extra key was in my car because my daughter’s date had locked her key in the car the night before, and Mom got to come to the rescue. (That rescue was much easier though.)

I’d like to tell you there’s a happy ending to this story, but the car was totaled. I’d appreciate prayers for a boring life. All this excitement is going to be the death of me.bookcoverimage

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