If I Lost Everything That I Didn’t Thank God for Today…

reminderI would be in so much trouble. I really, honestly do appreciate all of my blessings. But I’m so used to having them that I don’t think to thank God for them very often.

It doesn’t hurt when I breathe. In fact, I can do almost anything besides the splits and it doesn’t hurt. Even working out isn’t too bad because there’s a massage chair at the end of it. Thank you, GOD!

I have a family that loves me. My biggest disappointment is that I live too far away from my Uncle Bob and Aunt Louise to go to their mega-Thanksgiving family dinner each year. They literally pack the house with good food and great family.

I can see, hear, smell, touch and taste. I get to teach for a living, and I make a little money on the side inventing stories. People actually buy them. Not thousands of people, but I’m working on the advertising side of things.

My friends would give you the shirt off their back. Literally. I have people in my life who are givers, and they make me realize that I don’t need to be too worried about the way this world is going as long as they’re around.

I am free to worship Jesus, and my government can’t tell me which Bible to read, which church to attend, or even lock me up if I say they are spending way too much money and we need to shut them down for most of the year.

I need to lose weight. That means I haven’t missed a meal. I get to go shopping tomorrow to put on a feast for my family, and I can’t wait to start cooking. All three of my children will be home, and they are the joy of my life.

Even if I forget to count my blessings, God lets me have them anyway. When I whine, He listens. When I’m grouchy, He still cares. When I get too self-centered, He pulls me back into the fold. I’m truly blessed, and I hope that everybody reading this has an excellent, love-filled Thanksgiving!

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