Daily Prompt: Flames and Misplaced Passion

pcgpicfranvia Daily Prompt: Flames

It seems our whole society is aflame with anger these days. I work in a Title I school, and I’m amazed every four years at the horrible rumors that circulate about the Republican nominee before each election. Trump is kicking out all the Mexicans and African-Americans. Mitt Romney was going to take all food stamps away, as was John McCain. It’s crazy.

Many of my students truly believe that there are police officers looking to hunt them down and shoot them because of their race. My question is: if that’s true, why don’t the trained shooters kill people every day in every city? Further, why can’t we stop young black males from shooting each other daily to make some South American drug lord rich?

It’s not only the police that are the enemy, but anybody who tells us to do something we don’t want to do. In many schools, teachers are the enemy. The people who are working sixty hours a week just to comply with everything the bureaucrats want are somehow trying to sabotage children’s lives. Every word is somehow calculated to hurt a child, and all the responsibility for grades is on the teachers. I’m not saying learning is the teacher’s sole responsibility; I’m saying the numbers/grades are primary now. America has suddenly turned into a giant Sally Jesse Raphael show, complete with victims, conspiracies and dirty tricks.

Ask yourself: why is it that anyone in authority is disrespected these days? And what does this bode for our future? I would ask anybody that scoffs at the “ignorant” who believe in Jesus to look at their lives and see if they are truly worse off than the brilliant hedonists of today.

We can throw some water on the inflamed by looking at what Jesus commanded His followers to do. Love one another. Do good to those who hurt you. Pray for those who spitefully use you. Forgive from your heart. Our country needs to stop being offended and tearing things up. We need to turn to the principles on which we were founded, and start showing a little mercy to those who are just trying to do their best. It used to be that people who thought that everything was about them and that everybody was out to get them were considered mentally ill. But now this behavior is encouraged. So who is sick here?



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