Isn’t Technology Wonderful?


As an author, I’m a slave to my PC. If it doesn’t work, I’m done. I do scribble down ideas into notebooks and I do have papers (everywhere) with story ideas, outlines, scraps of scenes, etc., but my bread-and-butter comes from my laptop.

At my “real” job it’s the same story. Our school district has technology for its technology. I was appalled to learn that my check stub (yep, comes electronically and the login is a doozy) will no longer show how much sick time and personal time I have. The computer will keep it for me in my time sheet. We have to log in using our finger prints, verify our hours each week, and do so much more that I can never remember how to do. Do I trust this computer with my time? Bear in mind that my retirement date is affected by how much sick time I do NOT use.

Nope, I don’t trust the machine. Not because I’m OLD (as my youngest daughter takes great delight in reminding me) but because every time I truly need technology to work, it lets me down. Crash and burn down. Ha ha ha, you’re going nowhere down. Just ask any teacher how she feels when she finally gets the copy machine to herself and every other page starts to jam. When her electronic attendance goes down and her students are about to climb the walls while she’s restarting her computer and praying that will do the trick–and hoping the office secretary won’t announce over the loudspeaker that she hasn’t yet submitted her attendance or an administrator won’t come in and give her grief over her lack of classroom management. When the great webquest she spent hours putting together is a no go because there is no Internet today.

I don’t like having to depend on something that I can’t reason with. Ever. Just think of all the cars that used to be fixable that aren’t because a computer runs them. In fact, if the computer is faulty, you might as well get out and walk. Forever. So all you software salespersons out there. Will you please put a backup system in everything you sell that will allow the product to work like you advertised it when the one you sold my bosses goes out? I’d really appreciate it. It’s the reason I own several flash drives. I just don’t trust computers to work when I need them. I’ve been on this earth too long. I know better.



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