Responsible Freedom

In the Bible (1 Cor. 8:9), Paul says it’s not a good idea to let your freedom become a stumbling block for somebody else. I wonder if this principle could be applied to our freedoms as Americans as well. Would the radical Muslims, or any groups that hate us, feel differently if they listened to our songs and they weren’t full of cursing and hate? Would they stop and listen to our message (all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights…) if they didn’t see that the channels of our TVs are pretty much filled with garbage? We can’t fix the mistakes of the past, but can we send a message to those outside of our country that the government deriving it’s power from the people is a good thing?

How can we best reach those who hate us with a message of equality and freedom? As a Christian, I believe that a relationship with Jesus Christ, the One who died to set me free, makes all the difference. I know that we have tried to use a “logical” approach to reach out to others and it has failed miserably. But spreading the idea of freedom without the One who has freed us has done nothing. It certainly doesn’t tell others that God loves you without measuring your actions on scales each day, that you don’t have to give up your life literally to serve Him freely. Maybe we can send them boxes of CDs from Christian Contemporary artists so they can hear the music of an America that loves God and each other. We could send DVDs of recent movies that preach Christ in a professional and entertaining way. Maybe they are just seeing the wrong side of America. If they can judge us for being carnal, maybe they can rationalize away their hatred. I’m sincerely interested in commentary from those who have ideas about how to bridge the gap between our cultures. We have been blessed with so much here, even with all of our problems. Freedom is given by God, and this world would be so much better if we could only share it.


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