Fixing Our Friends: Christianity in 2016

Love your enemies? See how Leah McPhillen reacts to tragedy and romance.

The only real way to make the world as I want it to be is to write fiction. I don’t see one person in the Bible who had sunshine and lollipops for his or her entire life. In fact, I have it better than they did. I may not be as rich and powerful as Solomon or David, but their air conditioning was a lot less efficient than mine. 🙂 God names three people as righteous: Noah, Daniel and Job (in Ezekiel 14:14–probably quite an ego slam to poor Ezekiel). He adds that these three men could only save themselves by their righteousness. If you look at their lives, they were not very happy or comfortable for very long. Job suffered more than I would ever want to suffer. Losing my children would be enough to send me over the edge, but Satan pressed for even more suffering on that man after he made an incredible statement of faith– and God allowed it. Daniel was cast into the lion’s den and had his life threatened at other times as well. People watched him constantly, looking for a reason to get him fired. Noah preached his whole life and only 7 people ended up joining him on the ark–all family. Pretty small congregation, I’d say! Plus all the work he put into building the ark and the derision he suffered from his neighbors couldn’t have been fun.

So why am I surprised when life is hard? Why do I ask God if He loves me when I’m hurting? He loved His son Jesus, said He was “well-pleased” with Him, but Jesus suffered incredibly. So why do Christians these days base their faith on how good life makes them feel? It’s not Biblical. Been betrayed by a close friend? So was He. Been schemed against? So was He. So were all those who God calls “righteous”.

Sometimes we are so influenced by the world that we chide other Christians for doing things God’s way. If we love those that hurt us, we are called foolish. If we do good to those who can never pay us back, we are being used. How can we try to “fix” our Christian friends by asking them to do things the world’s way? It’s not right. We have to do things God’s way, and unfortunately that opens us up to a WHOLE lot of hurt. If we want the world to be perfect, we have to wait until the new heaven and the new earth come. Otherwise, don’t tell your friends to do things the world’s way. Write fiction.

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