Something We All Can Agree On

In my heart of hearts I believe that there are many things that conservatives and liberals could work together on if we just decided that we were going to solve the problem. Too many professional fundraisers keep their jobs by stirring up anger against the other side. I see it in many posts and advertisements. I disagree with much that the President does, but I’m not angry. I understand his philosophy. I simply disagree with it.

That brings me to those people who abuse animals. Years ago, I had students at an alternative school who kept finding dogs in their neighborhood that had been badly beaten. Their mouths had been super glued together. I had seen the article in the paper and commented on it, and a female student–who was about 12 years old– told me that they put those dogs on the train tracks (to put them out of their misery). I knew the abuser had to live in their neighborhood, and I remember that I called the Gautier police department and let them know, but I never did find out if they caught the guy.

How many serial killers have started out abusing animals? If one gets pleasure from hurting something that is innocent, that should be a giant red flag. free_216400Now here’s where some people will start in about the groups that think frying a chicken is a terrible thing. I’m not talking about chicken.

I’m talking about making sure that those who enjoy hurting an innocent animal go to jail, go directly to jail, and stay there for a long time. Surely some intelligent lawyer can word the law so meat eaters remain safe from prosecution. But it is a sad commentary that we can’t get together when animals are abused. Then maybe we can start protecting more children. How about the elderly? The mentally ill? If there is one segment of society that it’s okay to hurt, we are all in danger. Let’s start small and build from there.

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