For those who don’t LOVE February 14th

I must admit that Valentine’s Day has never been my favorite holiday. Even when I had a husband to give me gifts, I received chocolate, and I don’t need anything to make me bigger. I am usually happy with the person I am, but I look longingly at something sweet and it clings to me! When we were dating, I got roses all the time. I have always loved flowers, but cut flowers die so quickly, even the good ones from Proflowers are only good for a week or two. Most of my life, Valentine’s Day has been a day to see other women get flowers delivered or to see gifts that aren’t for me, and it’s been a depressing day more often than not.

So I decided that I’m the one who needs an attitude change. I love Christmas because I love to GIVE gifts. It really gives me a thrill to see somebody truly love something I give them. So why not plan to give for Valentine’s Day?

I have so many people in my life that I love very much. My friends are giving people whom I can trust. My family has always loved me greatly, and they are proud of everything I try. I know they have my back. My church family keeps reminding me that I am loved there, even when I feel like the most unloved woman on earth (a cheating husband will do that to you, even if he was never husband of the year). From now on, Valentine’s Day is going to be about showing people how much I love them, not about what I do or don’t get.

Not that I’ll ever give up on my gardens full of flowers, though. That’s still on my “to do” list.

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