Christmas: My Chance to Tell the World “I Love You”

There are many in the media and elsewhere that relish any opportunity to bash Christ and His followers. One of the great things about Christmas, besides the music that spreads the Gospel with little fanfare, is the fact that this is the season of giving. Have you ever noticed that the same media bashers have nothing to say about people like Mother Theresa of Calcutta? Why? Because they cannot argue with her life of service to those who could never pay her back. Even though she held a pro-life (anti-abortion) philosophy, they could not bash her. She said that it’s poverty to decide that somebody else should die so that you can live as you wish. Only crickets chirping from the naysayers because it is obvious that the woman was a saint.

Christmas is our chance to show the world the love of Christ in an unmistakeable way. The world cannot argue with a cheerful giver. Even those in darkness know a saint when they see one.

I have always loved giving presents to those I love, and each year I get more excited about giving gifts period. An angel off the tree at church, at work, some money for the bell ringers at the Salvation Army kettles– it makes me feel so happy– and it’s a great witness to the world.

Paul said that our LORD said that it’s better to give than to receive. It is. I have been on the receiving end, and it’s humbling. I praise God that this year, and most years, I get to be a giver. I have so much that I have extra. How great is that, in a world where most women aren’t valued at all? They aren’t educated, and they certainly aren’t allowed to teach. The first two Fruits of the Holy Spirit are Love and Joy. How great is that?

With a joyful and loving heart, I say to the mainstream media, “This is Christendom. We love the unloveable, and we give with joy.” They can’t fight that, no matter how much they would like to.

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