Unexpected Blessings

My children are growing up too fast, so I decided to coach soccer for my church’s league– just to make some fun memories with my youngest, Danielle. She loves soccer, but was too intimidated by the high school soccer team to try out. So I thought that she would be an excellent assistant coach, since my knowledge of soccer is limited to a few years of watching her play. There would be only 2nd and 3rd graders on our team, so I figured I could handle that with a good instruction manual (which FBTC provided).

Our team was the Barracudas, and our last game was today. Our record was pretty good: 4-2-2. I have enjoyed coaching so much. The teacher in me just loved watching them “get it” and the competitor in me LOVED not losing. Plus, we had a devotion every day at practice, so I got to teach them about the Lord. I really, really look forward to seeing those guys in heaven. Not only because I love kids, but because I got to help make the men and women they will be one day.

How do I know that? Because at our last practice I asked them, “What things have you learned that you can share with others?”

They said, “Play fair, and play together.” They said, “Be a good sport.” They said, “Never quit.”

Some of the players came with a lot of experience, but most of them did not. It was a wonderful thing to watch them grow, and I wonder if God gets that same thrill when I do it right. Paul mentions a cloud of witnesses, and I wonder if they’re cheering me on, losing their voices like I did with my team. Coaching, like teaching, is a learning experience. I know I am a better person for having coached those ten children this season. I even think I got a bigger blessing out of it than my daughter did.

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