Writing Through the Tough Topics

Both of my devotionals were meant to help people who are going through the toughest times in their lives. It was easier to write the “addict prayers” book because the hurt was so huge that it basically wrote itself. The second book was harder. It includes stories of other people’s challenges as well. As much as I try to love other people, I can’t feel their pain like they do. I hope that my “unfair” book points people to the cross and to the God who loves them more than they can imagine, as effectively as the first devotional. I know that I am not an expert on suffering. God has brought me through some pretty rough storms, though. So I guess what I AM an expert at is surviving. And bouncing back. And getting right back up when I fall. And counting my blessings until that smile just HAS to come back to my face. I hope that my books will be a blessing to many people. If you haven’t left a review on Amazon.com, please do. If you know somebody who needs a devotional for when times are hard, let me know. The first thing I want to be is faithful. God gave me these talents for a reason, and I want to use them for His glory! It sure is a lot more fun than burying them!

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