Dropping the Ball

I was blessed with a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico recently to visit my husband (he’s working there temporarily). It was amazing to me the amount of razor wire and graffiti in neighborhoods right by the tourist areas. I took a bus to go to Wal-Mart and pick up a few things for my husband, but I ended up at the bus barn. I followed the other people, since they all went the same way. I was in Old San Juan, and I spent a couple of hours walking around. I noticed that there were several homeless people who were sleeping on pallets right next to the police station. That was so foreign to me. I had already been shocked by the drug addicts who walk through traffic, heavy traffic, knocking on windows and asking for donations on my bus ride there. When I got back to the hotel, I told my husband what I had seen, and the next day he took a day off so we could go sightseeing in Old San Juan. I am sorry to admit that I knew those homeless people would still be there–sleeping next to the police station–and I didn’t even think to bring them some cold water, much less food. I made sure I showed my husband, but I really dropped the ball. I could have made their lives a little better and told them that Jesus loved them, but I just thought of myself and all that I wanted to see that day. If I had only thought of more than just myself, and the short time I had to hang out with my husband. Lord, let me see people with Your eyes. Give me a heart of compassion. Don’t let me walk by another person and treat them like one of the sights on a tour. Let me remember that the ‘least of these’ are Yours.

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