Loving is What We Do

Some people wonder if those who love addicts have a problem. Are we codependent (think we deserve this or fulfill some sort of need to be needed) or just plain masochistic? Jesus broke the whole law and prophets into two things: Love God with your entire being and Love each other. Loving is what Christians do. When Christians aren’t loving, we are the best commercial for those people who don’t want to give up their pet sins and follow God. Loving is hard. Loving goes against everything inside us when we’ve been hurt.

How can I love that guy who is speeding and tailgating and putting my kids lives in danger for no good reason? How can I love the cashier who is visiting with her friend when I have a whole list of things to do and waiting in line isn’t one of them? How can I love my husband when his greatest love isn’t me (or God or the children)?How can I love my father when he’s mentally ill and invents things in his head that I’ve done to hurt him?

Some people pat themselves on the back and convince themselves that Christianity is for the weak and the simple. Show me how it is simple to love the unlovable. Jesus did the hardest job imaginable. He forgave people that tortured, insulted and killed him. He had the strength to cast a legion of demons into a herd of pigs, but the evil people who surrounded him while he suffered on the cross didn’t burst into flames. The ground didn’t swallow them. He told the thief on the cross that he would join him that day in Paradise. That’s power.

Help me, Lord, to love people today. Show me ways to be kind to those who need it most. Open my eyes and let me see people who could benefit from Your love. If I open my mouth, let my words be seasoned with love instead of wit.

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