What Is a Great Husband Worth?

For the past few decades, we’ve seen the trashing of the American male. The dad is always slow, an$ the children need to help him find his way. I was brainstorming with a friend of mine about a short story I’m writing. The main character gets a phone call from her insurance company reminding her that in ten days her husband will be 65, and he’ll lose his $500,000 in coverage. Then comes the sales pitch unless she rolls the policy over into another one, but what the insurance company doesn’t know is Jen Paraskevi has a bit of a … Continue reading What Is a Great Husband Worth?

Guest Post Scott Coon

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Happy Friday everyone! I’ve got a guest post for you for a sci-fi adventure that’s coming out June second, Lost Helix. In the lead up to that the author, Scott Coon, has been so kind as to talk a little bit about his approach to world building. Enjoy! When a door opens at the back of a stage, if the audience sees darkness, it doesn’t build the same illusion that a wall and small table would create. However, if someone comes through that door with a tray of drinks, no one needs to say… Continue reading Guest Post Scott Coon

Call For Submissions

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Bienvenue Press is pleased to announce a Christmas-themed anthology for charity benefiting the Acadiana Writing Project. What are we looking for? Romance stories featuring a character who works in the educational system. These stories can be any genre of romance (contemporary, historical, paranormal, etc.). However, there needs to be a HEA.  The anthology will be published in December 2020. DEADLINE: August 1, 2020 WORD COUNT: 5,000-10,000 words PAYMENT: This is an anthology for charity. Contributors will receive a Digital copy (mobi, epub, or pdf) of the anthology. Print copies will be available to the contributors… Continue reading Call For Submissions