Bushwacked: A Colon Cancer Abcedarian

An unwanted surprise– But I don’t feel sick! I’m the healthy one. Cancer, that dread pack of polymorphic diseases Dying? Maybe, but pain surely heads my way. Even the dogs follow me around, worried. Freedom from doctor appointments is my goal. Grateful for a loving support system Hair isn’t vital, but it’s mine. I am not afraid of death, but suffering stinks. Jesus, take the tumor. Kooky cures can’t combat cancer! Love my family and friends. Hate nausea, headaches, pimples and fatigue. My brain isn’t 100%. Have mercy. Not for the faint of heart. Oh, goody, another bill. Fix it, … Continue reading Bushwacked: A Colon Cancer Abcedarian

To My Unchurched Friends

I just received bad news about my cancer. The numbers are going in the wrong direction despite top of the line chemo meds and a team of doctors that are working very hard to keep me alive. Some of you would say that it proves that the hundreds of people who are praying for me are wasting their breath. But God said that “All things work together for good for those who love the Lord…” IT will be for somebody’s good if I live a few more years, and it will be for somebody’s good if I don’t. God is … Continue reading To My Unchurched Friends

Not Promised Tomorrow

I know that I’m not promised tomorrow. This colon cancer diagnosis stinks, but I know there’s a plan to work it for good. I have survived car wrecks that you wouldn’t believe I walked away from without even a broken bone. Most of my sick days were still available at work when this all started. I teach at a school with 600 kids and either avoided Covid altogether or had a mild case last January. (We usually get sick in January because our students come from other countries with colds we have no immunity to. But even then I only … Continue reading Not Promised Tomorrow

What is Good

Was I poor as a church mouse? Yes. One time I used my last diaper. It was the day before payday and all I had was a dollar off coupon for the diapers he needed (all my kids got rashes from other diapers). One of my aunts sent me a card that day. It wasn’t a holiday, but there was ten dollars in that card. Just enough to get him diapers (with the coupon.) God took me through day by day, and my son is a great blessing to me, to his father, and to the churches he has worked … Continue reading What is Good

Homecoming Week

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I get so excited when we can dress up at school, especially this year. It’s been hard for me to be home when I’d rather be out and about, to wear a mask, and to be unable to hug my friends! I am a unabashed hugger. But I get to return to the 80s tomorrow, and be part of the Wizard of Oz on Wednesday, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m sad the weather is getting cooler (80 degrees is perfect for me), and I could take or leave pumpkin spice anything. But that… Continue reading Homecoming Week

What Is a Great Husband Worth?

For the past few decades, we’ve seen the trashing of the American male. The dad is always slow, an$ the children need to help him find his way. I was brainstorming with a friend of mine about a short story I’m writing. The main character gets a phone call from her insurance company reminding her that in ten days her husband will be 65, and he’ll lose his $500,000 in coverage. Then comes the sales pitch unless she rolls the policy over into another one, but what the insurance company doesn’t know is Jen Paraskevi has a bit of a … Continue reading What Is a Great Husband Worth?