Not Promised Tomorrow

I know that I’m not promised tomorrow. This colon cancer diagnosis stinks, but I know there’s a plan to work it for good. I have survived car wrecks that you wouldn’t believe I walked away from without even a broken bone. Most of my sick days were still available at work when this all started. I teach at a school with 600 kids and either avoided Covid altogether or had a mild case last January. (We usually get sick in January because our students come from other countries with colds we have no immunity to. But even then I only … Continue reading Not Promised Tomorrow

What is Good

Was I poor as a church mouse? Yes. One time I used my last diaper. It was the day before payday and all I had was a dollar off coupon for the diapers he needed (all my kids got rashes from other diapers). One of my aunts sent me a card that day. It wasn’t a holiday, but there was ten dollars in that card. Just enough to get him diapers (with the coupon.) God took me through day by day, and my son is a great blessing to me, to his father, and to the churches he has worked … Continue reading What is Good

Homecoming Week

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I get so excited when we can dress up at school, especially this year. It’s been hard for me to be home when I’d rather be out and about, to wear a mask, and to be unable to hug my friends! I am a unabashed hugger. But I get to return to the 80s tomorrow, and be part of the Wizard of Oz on Wednesday, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m sad the weather is getting cooler (80 degrees is perfect for me), and I could take or leave pumpkin spice anything. But that… Continue reading Homecoming Week

What Is a Great Husband Worth?

For the past few decades, we’ve seen the trashing of the American male. The dad is always slow, an$ the children need to help him find his way. I was brainstorming with a friend of mine about a short story I’m writing. The main character gets a phone call from her insurance company reminding her that in ten days her husband will be 65, and he’ll lose his $500,000 in coverage. Then comes the sales pitch unless she rolls the policy over into another one, but what the insurance company doesn’t know is Jen Paraskevi has a bit of a … Continue reading What Is a Great Husband Worth?